Integrating with PhoneGap

PhoneGap app integration

JusPay has a native android client which can be used by PhoneGap applications. To get started, you first need to download the code for the plugin.


This requires phonegap/cordova CLI 5.0+ (current stable v1.5.3).

Install via repo url directly (latest version)

phonegap plugin add


cordova plugin add

Android Details

Starting payment flow

You are ready to start the payment as soon as your server has called JusPay API to create order. The following parameters are available to you now:

var orderId = "<your_order_id>"
var merchantId = "<your_merchant_id>"

Define Return Url Callback

When the user has completed the payment (could be success or failure), the user will be redirected to the return_url configured by you at the time of order creation. JusPay will invoke your function when the user has reached this return_url.

var onEndUrlReached = function () {
    // your code to check the server status
    var paymentStatus = getPaymentStatusFromServer()
    if(paymentStatus == "CHARGED") {
    else {

Note: JusPay will not provide the payment status in the callback function, because it is a security issue. You will have to check with your server and retrieve the status from JusPay using /order/status API.

Define back button callback

If the user presses back button, then the transaction is aborted midway by the user. Our plugin will let you know when this happens through a callback. You may define the function as:

var abortedCallback = function () {

The plugin will handle all the payment pages and when the user has completed the payment, the user is finally redirected to your website. To stop the plugin at the correct end URL, you must declare the final return URL that you have configured with JusPay.

var endUrls = ["*", "*"]

Once all these variables are declared correctly, you are ready to put it together and setup the payment flow:

    "endUrls": endUrls,
    "onEndUrlReached": onEndUrlReached,
    "onTransactionAborted": onTransactionAborted,
    "environment": "PRODUCTION", // can be either of "SANDBOX" or "PRODUCTION"
    "instruments": ["CARD", "NB", "WALLET"],
    "parameters": {
        "orderId": orderId,
        "merchantId": merchantId,


We have setup simple examples for you to see the code working end to end. Examples are provided for both Cordova & PhoneGap. Check the working examples here.

Help & Support

If you notice any errors or issues with the integration, please reach out to us at You may also search our Knowledge base to see if the issue has already been addressed by our team.