The library can be added as a direct dependency when you use Gradle. If you don't use Gradle, we provide a downloadable SDK which you can add as a project dependency. Before you initialize the Browser SDK, please call the following function from your Checkout Activity: JuspayBrowserFragment.openJuspayConnection(context);


For supporting the wide variety of minSdk-targetSdk versions we have baked in the sdk versions into the library version. The final version number is a concatenation of base number and minSdk-targetSdk.

Current base version being, the final library version is in the format of

Version Number minSdk targetSdk 14 21 14 23 16 23 16 25

Add the following maven repository to the build.gradle. Please make sure that you add it in the project dependency section and NOT the buildScript section.

// Add to build.gradle

repositories {
  maven {
    url ""

dependencies {
  compile 'in.juspay:godel:'

  // your other dependencies

Note: Godel library is using support library version 23.4.0

Brief change log is available here