Getting the SDK

The recommended installation mechanism for JuspaySafeBrowser is via CocoaPods. CocoaPods is an Objective-C library dependency manager (Link).
Add pod "JuspaySafeBrowser" to your podfile.

pod 'JuspaySafeBrowser'

Run pod install.
You should now be able to add SDK to any of your target's source files and begin using JuspaySafeBrowser SDK.

Manual way

Latest version of JuspaySafeBrowser SDK is available at the below url (Link)

To add the above libraries into your project, follow the steps provided here:

  1. In the project editor, select the target (the application which gets deployed to App store) to which you want to add.
  2. Click Build Phases at the top of the project editor.
  3. Open the Link Binary With Libraries section.
  4. Click the Add button (+) to add a library or framework.

The following libraries are required as dependency.

  • CoreTelephony.framework
  • JavaScriptCore.framework
  • SystemConfiguration.framework

Add a Bridging header

You can easily use the SDK with Swift using Objective-C Bridging Header. Apple has some nice documentation on subject.
To begin, create a new file (File > New > File > iOS > Source > Header File) and name it YourProjectName-Bridging-Header.h.

Import #import <JuspaySafeBrowser/JuspaySafeBrowser.h>
Import #import <JuspaySafeBrowser/UIViewController+BackButtonHandler.h>